Instructions for writing abstracts

  • abstract length: max 300 words
  • abstracts must be written in standard and grammatical as well as clear and concise scientific English. It is the responsibility of the authors to ensure the quality of the language. 
  • the title should be short, informative and contain the major key words
  • the full names of the authors and position titles at the respective institutions
  • the addresses of the institutions at which the work was carried out (addresses for authors other than the correspondence author should contain the department, institution, city and country)
  • indicate all affiliations with superscript number after the author's name and in front of the appropriate address
  • corresponding author - the full postal and email address, telephone numbers, the department, institution, city and country
  • word count, number of tables and figures

Instructions for submitting abstracts

Abstract are submitted through online form "Abstract submission".          



At 29th Danube Psychiatric Symposium we will be using e-posters instead of conventionally printed posters. We are using e-posters to reduce carbon footprint and to save on the costs associated with printing and laminating a conventional poster.

What is an E-Poster?
An e-poster is an electronic version of the traditional boards and is displayed on monitor screens. The e-poster may include text, figures, and images, as well as video.

When can I view a specific poster?
A specific poster can be viewed at any time during the Congress. A specific time slot will not be required. Simply use one of the computers located in the e-poster area at a time convenient to you. You will be able to view all electronic posters as frequently, and as often as you wish.

E-Posters UPLOAD in .jpg / .png format:

  • E- poster dimensions 1920×1080 pixel (landscape)
  • please do not use a font smaller than 10pt
  • file size needs to be less than 20MB
  • deadline for the upload is March 01, 2020

E-Posters UPLOAD in PowerPoint format

  • E-Poster is represented on only ONE slide
  • please do not use a font smaller than 10pt
  • file size needs to be less than 20MB
  • only 1 poster per abstract is permitted
  • E-Posters cannot include audio and video files, including animations



Abstract submission does NOT imply automatic registration to the Congress. Online registration will be required for all who wish to participate in the Congress.



Abstract submission deadline  February 01, 2021.
Conference paper submission deadline February 15, 2021.
Early bird registration February 28, 2021.