Dear colleagues, ladies and gentlemen, dear friends,

Malignant diseases represent an increasing public health problem everywhere in the world. They are the first cause of death in the working population under the age of 65 in Croatia. There is still a big difference between the outcome of treatment here and in the most developed EU countries to which we belong. We are witnessing the further progress of oncology, in the world, but also in our country, year after year, from our congress to the next one. What can we do more and better? There are many interesting topics that we will have the opportunity to discuss at 15th Congress of the Croatian Society for Medical Oncology with International Participation, that will be held at Radisson Blu Hotelu Split, November 09.-12.2023.

I believe that we will devote those few days in a pleasant atmosphere to learning and exchanging experiences, news and dilemmas, questions and answers in oncology, and contribute to further improvement of the treatment outcomes of our patients. As before, we will try to ensure the participation of all professions that should participate in the care of oncology patients, from initial diagnosis to rehabilitation, especially young people.

Dobro došli u Split na 15. Kongres Hrvatskog društva za internističku onkologiju HLZ-a s međunarodnim sudjelovanjem!

Stjepko Pleština

President of the Croatian Society for Medical Oncology (HDIO), a professional society of the Croatian Medical Association

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