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Download the presentation template here.


  • All submitted abstracts will be published in the supplement of Liječnički vjesnik. The same instructions for authors apply, unless otherwise stated in our instructions. Link: https://lijecnicki-vjesnik.hlz.hr/instructions-for-authors/
  • Authors' and co-authors' first and last names, affiliation, and title are not included in the scope of the abstract or paper.
  • The name of the author who will present the work should be written in capital letters.
  • The surname and initials of the author's and co-author's name should be written without titles.
  • Specify the FULL name of the author's institution. Please check the CORRECT name on the institution's website. The name of the institution is selected from the drop-down menu. If your institution is not in the list of institutions, click "Other" and enter the full name of the institution. 
  • Indicate the city and country of the author and co-author in Croatian and English in the corresponding abstract.
  • Specify the e-mail address of the author
  • Abstracts must be sent in both Croatian and English. 
  • Foreign participants send abstracts and/or papers in English only.
  • It is not necessary to attach a list of references to abstracts. A list of literature must be attached to the poster and/or In extenso paper paper. Literature should be written according to Vancouver style For details, please see the instructions for authors of Liječnički vjesnik. (see link above).
  • Along with the abstract, it is allowed to upload one simple table (in the abstract, it is necessary to mark the place for the table (Table 1)
  • Abstracts will not be proofread. The author is responsible for linguistic and content correctness.



  • Lecture abstracts do not need to meet a certain format, but follow the format of the lecture. 
  • Lecture summaries will not be accepted as In extenso paper paper. The same topic can be processed and reported separately as In extenso paper paper according to instructions. In that case, submit a separate abstracts under the category In extenso paper paper that satisfies the form according to LV instructions. Then the lecture abstract can be sent separately or copied from the summary In extenso paper paper
  • It is not mandatory to submit the lecture abstract. If the lecture abstract is not registered, it cannot be subsequently recognized as a presentation at a professional or scientific meeting.
  • 1) Keynote lecture abstract maximum 1200 words
  • 2) Lecture Abstract - maximum 300 words
  • 3) Lecture Abstract, case report – maximum 300 words, format: introduction, case report, conclusion; presentations of cases that are part of the poster section must be submitted separately.


1) Poster Abstract, case report maximum 300 words, format: introduction, case report, conclusion, key words (maximum 3)

2) Poster Abstract: maximum 300 words, format: introduction, methods, results, conclusion, keywords (maximum 3)


  • It is possible to submit an original scientific paper, a review of the literature, and a report of a patient with a review of the literature.
  • with In extenso paper paper please attach an abstract in English and Croatian according to the instructions above, with 3 keywords. Limit each abstract to a maximum of 300 words.
  • Given that abstracts and papers are published in the Supplement to Liječnički vjesnik, the same instructions for authors apply, unless otherwise stated in our instructions (see link above).
  • 1) In extenso paper Original Research Article max 6000 words and each abstract no more than 300 words. 
  • 2) In extenso paper Review article: maximum 10000 words and each summary maximum 300 words 
  • 3) In extenso paper case report with literature review: maximum 5000 words and each abstract maximum 300 words. 


Each mandatory field of the abstract online submission must be filled. In order for the abstract to be successfully sent, the last step is to click on the "Finish" button". 

The submitted abstract can be reviewed by clicking on the "View" button, and any corrections to the submitted abstract are possible up to 15.10.2023. by clicking the "Edit" button.

When submitting abstracts online, authors have the option of choosing:

  • categories: doctor or nurse
  • abstract types: poster or invited lecturer or In extenso paper article
  • abstract categories:
    • for participants (poster)Poster Abstract, case report or Poster Abstract In extenso paper article
    • for invited speakers: abstract of the plenary lecture, abstract of the short lecture, Lecture Abstract, case report, In extenso paper article


  • Posters should be prepared in Croatian or English.
  • Online submitting of e-posters will be possible only after the Organizing Committee makes a decision on the accepted abstracts, of which you will be informed in a timely manner.
  • Each e-poster must be submitted online. Authors who have already submitted their abstract online must log in to the system with their username and password. After registration, click on "Abstract submission". An "Upload" button will appear for each submitted abstract.
  • Each e-poster must be submitted by the same person (user account) that submitted the abstract.

Saving e-posters in .jpg / .png format:

  • e-poster dimensions must be 1920×1080 pixels (landscape format).
  • please do not use fonts smaller than 10pt.
  • file size must be less than 20 MB.

Saving an e-poster created in PowerPoint (Save As .jpg / .png):

  • The e-poster must contain ONLY ONE slide on which the entire content of the poster is shown.
  • please do not use fonts smaller than 10pt.
  • file size must be less than 20 MB.
  • only one e-poster per abstract is allowed
  • e-posters may not contain audio / video or moving images.

Kako bi e-poster prilikom spremanja odgovarao potrebnim dimenzijama, možete preuzeti prazni predložak e-postera here

You can download the presentation template here.

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